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independent contractor vs agent

It’s important for business owners of all sizes to separate their business and personal finances. Sole proprietors have access to some important tools, like business bank accounts and business credit cards. But with a business entity, you can take steps like developing a business credit history and credit score, which limits lenders’ reliance on your personal credit. On the other hand, if you have the right to control how the worker does the job, that worker is an employee. This is so whether or not you actually exercise that right—that is, it doesn’t matter if you decline to control the details of how the worker does the job. However, hiring an IC is not always cheaper than hiring an employee.

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  • Overtime and minimum wage laws don’t apply to independent contractors.
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Employee vs. independent contractor: Differences you need to know

However, being an independent contractor can come with more responsibility. Also, you might need to pay for your own tools and equipment as well as establish a federal and state tax ID number. Common law principles further define independent contractor status by method of compensation. If a person is on an employer’s payroll and receives a steady paycheck, clearly that the person is an employee rather than an independent contractor.

A car was parked negligently at a Humble gas station and rolled down the hill hitting the victim. A worker at the gas station forgot to set the brake properly. Legal action was initiated against Humble because they contracted with the service station as an independent contractor. independent contractor vs employee The case illustrates important factors when conducting an analysis of independent contractors and liability with control as the determining factor. Even though the case involves independent contractors, agency is still found due to a high degree of control.

How Employees and Independent Contractors Pay Taxes

One common form of a personal general agent is the person who holds another’s power of attorney. This is a delegation of authority to another to act in his stead; it can be accomplished by executing a simple form, such as the one shown in Figure 14.2 “General Power of Attorney”. Ordinarily, the power of attorney is used for a special purpose—for example, to sell real estate or securities in the absence of the owner. But a person facing a lengthy operation and recuperation in a hospital might give a general power of attorney to a trusted family member or friend. The general agentSomeone authorized to transact every kind of business for the principal. Possesses the authority to carry out a broad range of transactions in the name and on behalf of the principal.

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Failure to define clear independent contractor relationships can result in you facing a lawsuit from an agent who misunderstands their role within your company. This kind of confusion can be detrimental to your real estate business, so let’s look at what constitutes an employee vs an independent contractor relationship. Employees you hire that work under your command will fall into the category of agents. Hired help for either temporary or recurring tasks may fall into the category of independent contractors. In essence, a court will look to the amount of control you exert over the person you have hired to determine whether or not the person you hired is an independent contractor or agent.

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