Solved: How do I show that I have sold a fixed asset?


“But online sales can attract a wider range of potential purchasers, and thus potentially higher bids, while conserving IRS resources,” said the document. Sales returns and allowance are the contra account to the sales revenues

What Is a CPA Certified Public Accountant ?


Tax Staff (1-3 years) prepares tax returns, researches tax questions, and counsels clients on tax problems under the supervision of a Tax Senior and/or Tax Manager. If all you need is help filing a relatively

Sole Proprietor vs Independent Contractor


It’s important for business owners of all sizes to separate their business and personal finances. Sole proprietors have access to some important tools, like business bank accounts and business credit cards. But with a business

What are liquid assets and non-liquid assets?


Tools and Works had a good year in 2019, with sales of $400,000. However, the business owners are concerned with the liquidity aspect of the company. Therefore, analyze the assets and liabilities given in the

Bookkeeping vs Accounting: What’s the Difference?


There is no formal education degree or certification requirements for bookkeepers, though many bookkeepers have taken some sort of class or training on the subject. Others are self-taught and learn bookkeeping simply through using QuickBooks

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