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Dear Alumnus,

The Alma Mater of an individual is where the life takes its form. From making friends to discovering one’s field of interest, it is the place where we transform into who we are today. The impetus that an institute provides to each and every individual is a gift to be cherished throughout one’s life.

You are an integral part of the AGSE School fraternity .The bond that  we share is an unbreakable one and we are positive that time and distance have done nothing to diminish it. We hope to maintain an everlasting tie with you and for that very purpose we are providing the platform for you to connect with your peers, reminisce the times you spent in the hallowed grounds of the school, share the treasure trove of experiences you have had and most importantly help mentor the ones who are waiting to spread their wings and fly; the young ones in our school who can take inspiration and learn life lessons from you.

You must have had dreams and aspirations which you might have fulfilled or are currently in your journey towards fulfilling them.  Walk down the memory lane and think of the time you spent in school; think of the classroom, playgrounds and your dear friends. Connect with those bygone times and relive some of the joyful moments by registering yourself on the Alumni Tab in our school website. Come, let us build a community of nurturing Dipsites.

With Best Wishes

Assembly of God School of Education Sakari, Arwal