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About School

Welcome to Assembly Of God School Of Education

ASSEMBLY OF GOD SCHOOL OF EDUCATION is a secondary educational institution, established to promote excellence by imparting the best education to its pupils on the CBSE pattern. It is a temple of learning, involved to community  spirit among the pupils, We strive to inculcate the young mind fundamental values of Truthfulness, Fearlessness, Tolerance and Mutual Co-operation. We are also promote a spirit of enquiry the students. Discipline and Academic atmosphere are accorded top priority. Discipline as regarded the bedrock on which the pin point for creation stands.

Students will find a well knit team, of qualified, talented, competent, sincere and dedicated teachers, with a varied range of skills and interests, a wide choice of activities academician, cultural and athletic, on the positive belief that responsibility emanates from freedom and service comes before self.

The progress achieved in curricular as well as extracurricular activities in phenomenal Homogenous involment of the school administration and members of the staff to further raise the school into an ideal centre of learning is its bright aspect.

Assembly Of God School Of Education

The institution, this way has been able to serve the society in the best possible manner and therefore gaining ever-increasing popularity.

We believe that change is an essential factor in life and education is an instrument of change to transform a child and develop him into a wholwsome adult by harnessing his full potentialities. Hence every child can be developed.

We believe that the joint effort of the trio-Parent Student-Teacher is essential to Shape to Shape and groom the child develop smoothly.

We have adopted Gandhi’s philosophy of education which ready, “By education I mean an all round drawing out of the best in child and man-body, mind and spirit.”

We believe that a child can be made to learn to enjoy purposeful activity all the time. A Busy Bee Pleasure, nota machine like work. It is to be a Bee activity’ where all bees jointly produce honey.

We believe that education should foster independent thinking exploration and experimentation as a life long process education should encourage the thinking process for intelligent adaptability to changing society.